Hey there. :)

Girl/ 17/ Narzcisa

Loves anything about skateboarding/ books/ music/ food/ concerts/ cuddles/ kisses/ HUGS/ to annoy my brothers/ to listen to other people's story/ to laugh/ tattoos/ piercings/ my boyfriend/ my besprens

Lifesaver bands are Mayday Parade/ Pierce the Veil/ Sleeping With Sirens/ LoveHateHero/ Asking Alexandria/ The 1975/ All Time Low/ just about any screamo and pop punk band.

Be cool with me and I'll be cool with you. :) xx



welcome to supernatural where we have reaction gifs for our own gifsets

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Ellen had to do a huge favor for a good friend of hers during the show today. We’d like to thank Michelle’s husband for taking the time to talk with us!

Michelle’s husband.

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I’m Arya. From House Stark.

I love the sheer panic on his face.

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